Looking for a traditional way of turning your fabric into something new? Welcome to embroidery! A technique that makes use of needles and thread in decorating fabrics. Other decorative materials such as sequins and quills may also be added for a more astonishing product. Embroidery is a simple process which involves a huge variation of stitching techniques.

HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

Heat transfer vinyl is a special type of vinyl that has heat-activated adhesive at its back. This property allows the vinyl to permanently transfer to your garment. The process also involves heat pressing with sufficient time, temperature and pressure. The design on the vinyl can be made by cutting digital designs into it. This technique results in exceptionally durable, high-quality garments suitable for your taste and expectations.

Screen Printing

Screen printing offers you an output with vivid colors even on dark surfaces and enables you to easily reproduce a design multiple times onto any surface you like.

Hydro Dipping

Printing Plus LV offers professional hydrographic film applications and hydro dipping services for small business, all manufacturers with globally branded products..


The perfect technique for businesses and organizations that desires to create and expand their brand recognition. Promotional products range from pens, tumblers, tote bags, mugs, shirts and apparel, magnets, stickers, and many more. It is one of the oldest ways of advertising and up until now, it still works! So if you’re looking into taking your advertising to the next level, printing promotional product is the right pick for you.